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Watch out for the new Spring/Summer 23 range

Below we have some examples of the exciting Seasalt Spring/Summer from 2022

Seasalt hope to inspire all ages and sizes to dress with creativity and confidence. We  usually have a wide choice of their contemporary styles available, from quality fabrics, with complementary colour pallettes, designed to work together. 

Look out also for their attractive range of accessories, from Jute bags, to scarves, handibands.

Below are examples of the last Seasalt Summer range

Breakers Cardigan - Maritime - 3_edited.jpg
Larissa Shirt - Poppy Painting Carob - 2_edited.jpg
Two Paths Reversible Raincoat - Swell - 4_edited.jpg
Sailor T-Shirt - Tri Breton Chalk Autumn Sun - 3_edited.jpg
Sailor Top - Tri Mini Cornish Night Primula - 4_edited.jpg
Sailor Top - Tri Mini Cornish Chalk Primula - 2_edited.jpg
Stone Sculpture Dress - Mid Wash Indigo - 2_edited.jpg
Tall Waves Tunic - Seed Head Sketch Burnt Orange - 1_edited.jpg
Jute Shopper - Lower Town Window Sunglow - 1_edited.jpg
Larissa Shirt  - Artist's Geo Mineral - 2_edited.jpg
Killiow Tunic - Mid Century Floral Maritime - 1_edited.jpg
Killiow Tunic - Mid Century Floral Maritime - 3_edited.jpg
Shore Foraging Tunic - Mid Century Leaves Maritime - 2_edited.jpg
Larissa Shirt - 50's Collection Burnt Orange - 3_edited.jpg
Gardiner Dress - Canvas Floral Maritime - 1_edited.jpg
Harbour Beach Jumper - Aquatic - 2_edited.jpg
Harbour Beach Jumper - Hepworth Green - 1_edited.jpg
Gwaynten Jumper - Fairlead Night - 2_edited.jpg
Drawing Book Top - Tulip Buds Maritime - 2_edited.jpg
April Dress - Tolcarne Tulips Maritime - 2_edited.jpg
Coombe Lane Jacket - Wild Rose - 1_edited.jpg
Quinn Dress II - Paper Ditsy Maritime - 3_edited.jpg
Watercolour Sketch Top - Letter Shapes Chalk - 2_edited.jpg
Coombe Lane jacket - Wild Rose - 3_edited.jpg
34 Appletree Top - Flower Painting Mix - 2_edited.jpg
Albert Quay Crops - Primula - 3_edited.jpg
Albert Quay Crops - Studio Green - 2_edited.jpg
34 Quinn Dress II - Mid Century Leaves Mix - 4_edited.jpg
Jute Shopper - Puffins and Dolphins - 1_edited.jpg
Cliff Pass Jumper - Abstract Image Dark Paddle - 1_edited.jpg
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