Window Shopping -

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and collect your purchase

During this lockdown we are operating a "collect" service. (if you are really stuck, we may be able to deliver) 

If you see an item in our shop window, or on this web-site, make a note of the detail, (in the window there should be a number on the item) call or email us (you can email via the link on this web-site) and we will be able to arrange for you to pay and collect. You will not be allowed to enter the store, so we will be able to pass items to you at the entrance. 

We will be in the store regularly during this lockdown, updating the window display. 

Below are some gift ideas, but you can browse any pages on this web-site, and contact us for information and prices.

Thanks for your support, and keep safe.

Fascinator £19.50
Black/floral bag £59.99
Blue/black clutch £24.99
Pink clutch £24.99
Black/lilac floral bag £59.99

top shelf
Black/Rose bag£54.99; Small pink clutch £39.99; Small blue clutch £39.99;
Black/gold bag £54.99
bottom shelf
Superbia black bag £39.99; Necklace£14.50; Pink/spots bag £54.00; Pink/glitter bag£34.95; Fascinator£15.99;                      Coral colour bag£45.00

Sky Blue Superbia bag £44.99 
Necklace £15.00
Chocolate/Black bag £60.00


Superbia Pink and Mustard bags£39.99 each

Peach brand Bronze/Gold bag £50.00
Matching Fascinator £15.99

Superbia Grey and Lilac Bags £39.99 each

Peach brand faux Leather floral pattern £48.00

Superbia Beige bag £39.99

Superbia Champage bag £39.99
Burgundy hat £24.00

Litchfield genuine leather patterned bags
Back; Happy Daze £66.00
Front; Potting Shed £66.00

Litchfield genuine Leather
Large size Happy Daze £84.99

Back left; "Hei de Hei brand Aqua/Olive bag £49.99
Back right; Dylan Cross black body bag £64.99
Front; Dylan Cross Coloured body bag £64.99

Pachamama lined Beanies £16.00-£20.00
Matching gloves £18.00-£20.00

Cool Trade Winds chunky knitted large scarves £24.00 each

Pachamama Beanies and gloves £13.00 - £20.00

Large selection of beautiful fashion scarves, priced from £12.00 each

more individual pretty scarves

more ideas of our range of pretty scarves, ideal gifts from £12.00 - £29.95